Wednesday, July 18, 2012

This All Season Romaine Mix from The Cook's Garden looks beautiful in the garden and is still sweet and tender despite the very hot weather. The mix contains the following varieties.
Craquerelle Du Midi
Little Gem
Rouge D'Hiver

The D. Landreth Seed Company newsletter offers some history of romaine as well as descriptions of different varieties.

The cucumber plants are climbing up one of the tripods.

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Bountiful and beautiful harvest from the garden on June 28 includes Carrots Burpee Kaleidoscope Mix that will be the main ingredient in this delicious Carrot and Tofu Quiche recipe. The seeds from the dill flower add wonderful flavor to this dish.

The parsley was used to make this cool and fresh tabouleh salad.

The wild arugula was used in this extremely delicious and refreshing salad with watermelon and feta cheese. It is the perfect dinner for these hot summer evenings.

The delightful colors of the Cooks Custom Mix radishes make harvesting them even more fun. These radishes along with their leafy green tops will be used in this radish top pasta dish later in the week.

The beautiful red cabbage pairs nicely with apples in this recipe. Here is an article with a little bit of coleslaw history as well as some suggestions for different ways to spice up the this common dish that was introduced to this country by the Dutch settlers.