Saturday, February 4, 2012

Broccoli Di Cicco

This beautiful broccoli is almost ready for harvest. Botanical Interests seed company recommends harvesting the main heads of this broccoli when they are 3 inches across to encourage the growth of the side shoots that are forming in all of the leaf nodes. They also suggest using the leaves like chard. What I find amazing is the fact that the kale and broccoli are growing (albeit slowly) in a section of the garden that receives no direct sun at all in the autumn and winter.


  1. Anne, this broccoli looks very good for being unprotected. I just checked my seed supply and have Di Cicco. Will have to start some seed this week. Interesting and useful about the shade part as well. Lots of space in my back garden to try this. Thanks.

    1. Hi George, it's inspiring to see how many good greens you grow through the winter. I have a relative who lives near Bellevue. Next time I visit him I will look in on the garden. With all of the warm weather we have been having, has it been a challenge to keep your cold frames from getting too warm or dry?

  2. Anne, if it is sunny and in the mid 50's or warmer, it is best to have some glass off of the frames. The day length is still short, so the heat problem is not too bad yet. The water table seems to be high with our winter rains, so water seems to flow under the cold frames and keep things moist. Though I think newly transplanted starts don't have the roots to get that moisture. So I spot water occasionally, but have not had a watering day this winter for all of the frames.