Sunday, October 30, 2011

calendula, borage and pea flowers

Yes that is frozen precipitation on the bench on October 29. I picked these flowers the previous night while gathering swiss chard for dinner. The seeds of the calendula were planted in mid March and the seeds of borage were planted in late May.
They have both been blooming for at least 4 months and the borage flowers seem very valuable to the many bees still visiting. Both borage and calendula flowers are edible and quite beautiful garnishing a salad.
Here is more discussion of the modern and historical medicinal uses of borage.
Calendula flowers have a long history of use medicinally, in food and wine preparations, in cosmetics and as a dye. They are still used in these ways and considered to have powerful healing properties.
The white flower is from the pea plant called Wando. The flowers are so pretty on the vine - like a delicate sweet pea flower.

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