Saturday, September 24, 2011

fall garden planting

Gorgeous little plant! This is a seedling of Red Acre Cabbage growing from seed directly sown into the garden during the last two weeks of August. I expect this garden to be productive well into November. Here is a list of what was planted late August into early September. Wild kale mix seeds, Brussels Sprouts Jade Cross plants, Cauliflower Cheddar plants, Beets Bull's Blood plants, Beet seeds including Detroit Dark Red, Iride, Chiogga, Golden Globe, Lutz Green Leaf Winterkeeper, Viola Penny Lane Mix plants, Thai basil plants, lettuce Four Seasons seeds, Kale Lacinato seeds, Carrot Kaleidescope Mix seeds, Wild Arugula seeds, Mesclun Lettuce Sweet Salad Mix seeds, Chervil seeds, Broccoli DiCicco seeds, Romaine lettuce All Season Mix seeds, Kale Dwarf Curly Blue seeds, Lettuce seeds, Turnip seeds, Lettuce seeds, Salad Burnet plant, Basil Large Leaf Sweet plant, Parsley Flat Leaf Italian plants, Leek plants, Sage Grower's Friend plant, daylily Happy Returns plants, purple leaf Sage plant, Basil Purple Ruffles plant, Spinach Razzle Dazzle seeds, Mesclun Salad Mix seeds and Thyme plant.

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