Saturday, June 4, 2011

raised bed plantings

Here is a list of the vegetables growing in the first raised bed that was planted May 12. The purple cabbage is called Red Acre. French breakfast radish seeds from Renee's Garden were planted close to the cabbage plants since the radishes will be ready to harvest before the cabbage expands into that space. Close to the radishes is a row of mesclun called Paris Market Mix which is also from Renee's Garden. Her seed company sells a wonderful variety of lettuces and blends of salad greens with lovely artwork and useful information on the seed packs. Next is a row of carrots called Bolero Nantes. The sage was planted as a companion for the purple cabbage to repel the white cabbage moth. For a most impressive yet easy gastronomic delight, try butternut squash ravioli with sage brown butter sauce. Next is a row of red baron onions planted from sets. I have read that if growing onions for fall/winter storage, it is best to plant them from seed. The onions growing in the bed now will be harvested small and used as scallions then red onion seeds will be planted in their place. Another row of carrots is planted next to the onions. The lore of companion planting suggests that onions, leeks and sage might help to repel the carrot fly pest. Next are two rows of beets that contain five different varieties. The seed packs were all emptied into one container so that the planting would be random. The mix includes Detroit Dark Red, Iride, Chioggia, Golden Globe, Lutz Green Leaf Winterkeeper and Bull's Blood. A row of Summer Lettuce Bouquet - European Reds & Greens is planted next. Finally some more onions and radishes complete the planting.

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