Monday, June 20, 2011

garden update

The last of the Mesclun lettuce is ready for harvesting. There are other more heat tolerant lettuce varieties coming along in the garden. The birds have been eating the leaves from the emerging bean seedlings - an injury they do not recover from. So I am pondering how to protect them in a way that the colonists three hundred years ago might have employed. In the home garden, a plastic plant tray inverted over the seedbed might work. The sugar snap peas were so sweet and delicious but nearing the end of their productivity were pulled. The tripod vine supports will now be used to grow delicata squash, pole beans and cucumbers. Other seeds were planted today including a tri-color patty pan squash mix, watermelon called Bush Sugar Baby, more of the previously mentioned lettuces called all season romaine and European reds and greens and additional beets and carrots in the raised beds where the red cabbage had been pulled. Seeds of the beautiful borage plant were scattered throughout the garden. Several red, orange and yellow bell pepper plants were added. Two sweet banana pepper plants and one sweet colorful pepper plant called gypsy were planted. I planted several viola Viva plants that were grown from seed with the hope that they will continually reseed themselves in the garden. And finally, one lovage plant and one container of sorrel seedlings were planted.

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