Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Vegetable Garden Planting/Harvest Calendar

It might be surprising to learn that some vegetable seeds can be directly sown in the garden as early as the beginning of March. Knowledge of optimal time to plant and days to harvest allows one to plan successive plantings which help to maximize yield from a vegetable garden that could potentially produce fresh nutritious herbs and vegetables for up to nine months of the year - even without a greenhouse or cold frame. The University of Delaware Cooperative Extension office has made available online a Vegetable Garden Planting/Harvest Calendar within a document titled Planning a Vegetable Garden. The document also includes a vegetable planting guide chart full of information including spring and fall planting dates, days to harvest, planting depth and distance and much more. It also includes a suggested garden plan for a home vegetable garden with some options for succession planting schemes. The six page document contains a wealth of useful information in a very easy to read and printable format.

Now for some very exciting news - the kale seeds that were planting in the garden last Tuesday March 15th are sprouting - and there were snow flurries throughout the day today! Ah spring.

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