Sunday, March 20, 2011

Seeds planted the week of March 14th

The first seeds were planted in the garden this week. Kale Dwarf Curly Blue is a beautiful and very nutritious leafy vegetable which should be ready to harvest in early May leaving space for planting warm season vegetables. Then another planting of kale can be made at the end of the summer. Seeds of a very pretty lettuce called Rougette de Montpellier were sown in the central bed around the chives, apple and english daisy plants. This is reportedly very cold tolerant so might possibly be planted in the beginning of March. Successive plantings will be made weekly until mid to late April and then resume again in September. Here is a bit of lettuce history for your reading pleasure. Several plantings of sugar snap peas will be made until the end of March. Seeds of fava bean were planted as an experiment. This is a cool season plant with a long growing season of 85 days and will not thrive when temperatures exceed 70 degrees. So it really is not suited to this climate but a sowing in mid February next year might be worth trying.

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