Saturday, March 26, 2011

Seeds and plants planted the week of March 21st

A row of Mesclun Classic Mix seed was planted in the bed along the 3rd St fence. After the seeds were planted, several plants of Viola Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow were planted within the row of seeds. These produce edible flowers that are so pretty in the salad or on the plate and will be lovely growing within the row of lettuces. Divisions of chamomile plants were scattered throughout the garden and one Rosemary officinalis(upright rosemary) was added to the bed along the 3rd St fence.
On Friday March 25, a row of radish seeds and a row of broccoli raab seeds were planted in the bed along the fence. More super sugar snap pea seeds were sown in one corner of each of the 4 quadrants.
On Saturday March 26, seeds of the following plants were sown in rows in quadrant one-Spinach Bordeaux, Chervil, Galia Endive and Escarole and more lettuce Rougette de Montpellier.

The red powdery substance sprinkled liberally over top of the newly planted seeds is a mix of cayenne pepper and red pepper flakes. It is very effective for discouraging the squirrels that dug all throughout the first seed planting of kale - immediately after planting. If you try this, be careful that it does not blow into your face while applying.

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